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Codes & Ethics


Codes & Ethics

Code of Conduct for Advertisement with the sole aim to establish education consultancy sector a more respected and credible one, NAAER have consented to get their members to abide by certain norms called ‘Education Consultancy Advertisement Code of Conduct 2065. The term advertising refers to (but not limited to) Print: Newspapers, Magazines, pamphlets, brochures, banners, hoarding boards, street signs, posters, stickers, calendars, etc. that are released or distributed in media, exhibitions, outside (streets), colleges or anywhere else. Electronic Media: Television, Radio, FM, Cable TV, Scrolling advertisements, public announcements, CDs, DVDs etc.

Members Must

  • Not use adjectives and superlatives such as No.1, Leader, Best, Largest, Oldest that is unauthorized and misleads the public.\
  • Not use the word ‘guarantee’ such as visa guarantee, job guarantee, paid internship guarantee or any other guarantee. If advertising for internship (paid or unpaid), all details must be mentioned including name of institution, name of course, duration of internship and conditions applicable.
  • Not promote anything relevant to job assurance such as job search, employment arrangement, job club, 100% OJT, earn … per week (or per hour / per month) or any phrases that give similar meaning.
  • Not use words or phrases that are beyond the scope of expertise and are dependent upon others such as admission guarantee, job guarantee, visa within ….. days, offer letter/I20/admission in …. days, work within … days, 100% OJT, or any other misleading information in the advertisements violating the basic norms of the educational consultancy practices.